Research On DRP Water To Introduce It Into Mainstream


A study has been initiated by the Water Research Foundation to determine that how the direct portable reuse water treatment can be incorporated in to the bigger supply to get maximum out of it. The tittle to the study is given as “Blending Requirements for Water from DRP Treatment Facilities”.

The introduction of DRP can be useful to the water supply earlier than it goes to the treatment plant and mixed in to the mainstream distribution system directly or it may be introduced during different plant processes.

Andrew Salveson has been leading the research who is the chief technologist of water reuse with Carollo Engineers. He said that the quality of water will be affected by mixing the sanitized reclaimed water into the finished water supplies.

It is very important to eradicate the issue and optimize the treatment operations of blending of the DRP. Salveson has replied to that and according to him, a widespread analysis the chemistry of water will be done by his team and bio film research along with corrosion and pipe loop will be performed. It will also be evaluated that how much impact this blending operation will make on the engineered storage buffer design.


The research project is estimated to be completed in the late 2016. Salveson could not clearly disclose about the research which he has been doing with his team but the signs of encouragement were seen from him regarding the water quality which is going to be enhanced by the blending of DRP water with the common supply.

Whether the result is positive or negative, it will be important and will create a distinction. Most of the people do not know much about the DRP and therefore it becomes trouble for them.

This sector will get more confidence to apply the DRP as this documenting of the water quality time and again and the unique study is going to be very useful for the improvement of the water quality. The industry is going to learn a lot from the research and the public will also be aware of the major problems related to the quality of the water and they are demonstrated about the safety as well. The result is still unknown and working has been done so that the result of the study can be understood and its impact on the public opinion can be seen.

There is another project which is of similar nature has been announced by WRF that will be initiated simultaneously and now looking at this progress we can expect that we will get the better quality water now as DRP water is going to be introduced into the mainstream..

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