Removal Of Cyanotoxins In Fresh Water By Using Activated Carbon!


In the present time cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins are becoming something to be worried about in the drinking water. This is the problem in America as well as many foreign countries.

The combination of different features like the situation because of weather, the amount of agricultural Phosphate and many other things has created the situation which is in the favor of the production of bacteria and cyanobacteria on the surface of the water.

There is a special condition that promotes the growth of micro-organisms on a large surface doing the formation of efflorescence and creating the unwanted chemical substances which also includes cyanobacteria in it.

The large amount of cyanobacteria is a serious threat for the fresh drinking water. Due to this problem the department of municipality is showing extra concern to improve their practices for the treatment of this water.


This problem related to bacteria and cyano bacteria is not new as a guideline was being introduced by the World Health Organization in which the list was having all the details which can be helpful in the treatment of bacteria and cyanobacteria.

The shortage of methods for the treatment is leading to slow development of the ways to improve the standard of drinking water and clean it from all kind of toxins and cyanobaterias.

In America many states are taking benefit from the guidelines for the cyanotoxins and almost three countries Oregon, Ohio, Minnesota are adopting these guidelines so that their drinking water supplies can be improved.

These guidelines are of formal standards and help the people to get acquainted with new methods for the treatment of toxic water which helps them to remove all the harmful materials from the drinking water. Almost more than 20 states have adopted these ways to improve their standard of drinking water.

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