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Fandango is a website which helps and inform fans with new trailers of movies, exclusive videos, news and commentary videos. You can get movies timing, movies tickets and other show times along with ticketing to more over 26000 nationwide screen. It also provides you to get photos of red carpets and also get birthday alerts. Search movies, gift cards and special offers online. You can check out special offers on both weekly and monthly basis and get yourself registered with it in order to enjoy all associated benefits. You can get VIP offers, sweepstakes and other exciting promotional offers.


  • You need to have a personal computer with internet connection available on it
  • Keep your personal details in hand
  • Visit website of Fandango

Step-By-Step Guide

  • First of all you need to visit website of Fandango on given URL Link
  • You need to scroll down the window till bottom and find a head of “Experience and Explore” once you have got the section click on option of “Special offers” located under this head
  • Your click will bring another window. You need to scroll the window and find the head of special offer where you will get an option of VIP Fandango.
  • Hit a click on “VIP Fandango Join for free now” located at the bottom of web page.
  • You will get a registration form where you need to enter your first name in given field.
  • Provide your Email ID in next field. You have to provide a strong password of 8 characters with a letter, number or symbol but make sure there should not be same three characters in a row.
  • At the end you are supposed to click on button which is labeled as “Join now for free”

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