Register At CVS Learnet To Have An Access To Learning Programs


CVS learnet is an official website which is actually the destination of managing, tracking and accessing your learning and education. It is only compatible with window 7, vista, window 2000 and XP but not with Apple and MAC PC.


  • You must have a PC or other related device.
  • You need to have an internet connection.
  • You require your social security number.
  • It is necessary to have employee ID that is mentioned on the paycheck.


  • Open the website of CVS learnet through your internet web browser or any other search engine. Go to the given link
  • First of all you need to give your employee ID which is printed on your paycheck or issued by your supervisor in the given blank.
  • In the next step enter your password in the respective space.
  • It is mandatory that the password would be last four digits of your social security card number.
  • Further you will be required to change the password from the website.
  • When you have given the password of last four digits of you SSN in the blank then further you need to click on the option which is marked as “login” to have an access to your account.



CVS learnet facilitates the users to have an access to the learning and educational courses through the online conducted seminar and spend the leisure time in learning something new.

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