The 22 miles west of the Orlando, there is the Lake County. The Clermont City, Florida is situated in the Lake County that is 22 miles west to the Orlando and just as its neighbors, the Clermont City, Florida’s economy is mainly driven from the tourism services and activities.

Even though established in the 1884 and integrated in the 1916, it was not at all until the 1956 that the Clermont put up the constructed landmarks (226-foot-tall Citrus Tower), that is the one from the first state’s constructed landmarks. The city is at the present is holding the population of 29,358 and is considered as a largely residential area as compared to the earlier times when it was covered by the orange groves.

So, the city has now shifted from the orange groves coverings to the largely residential area now. In the early 1920s, the water services began at the Clermont area and in the 2012, there was approximately 19,000 connections of the water managed by the Environmental Services Department that includes 1,200 industrial plus commercial customers and 17,800 connections for the residential customers.

According to the James Kinzler who is the director of the Environmental Services oversees a staff that includes the Raymond Rogers who is the manager of the Distribution, Collection and the Storm Department and also the Tim Mattozzi who is the Chief of the Distribution.


Till the late 2000s, manual methods were used by the city in order to collect the meter readings and seventy to eighty percent with the touch survey and the other twenty to thirty percent with the help of keyed entry reading.

The entire manual process of taking the readings from the city involved walking to the routes for the three weeks every month by the three meter readers.

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