Questions Raised As Brentwood Residents Have Misgivings about The Quality Of Their Drinking Water


With such a high demand for groundwater sources, it is important to maintain the clean state of the water. But when the water source becomes polluted, those who directly benefit from it, as with the case of Brentwood residents, will start to notice.

Residents of Brentwood are asking questions regarding the quality of their drinking water. This came after samples taken from their water source tested positive for coli form. The same residents were also asking why their town’s utility company never took the effort of sending them notification regarding the condition of the drinking water.

Three water samples taken last Friday turned out positive for the coli form bacteria, as reported by Bruce Spaulding who is also the consulting engineer for the Nolensville College Grove Utility District in Williamson County. Workers who took the samples from different meters that included those in Turner Lane, St. Joseph’s Court and Pin Oak Lane in Brentwood.

Supplemental samples gathered from the same locations last Sunday revealed negative results for the coli form bacteria, a naturally developing bacteria usually found in plants, soil, and human and animal feces, in accordance to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Industry experts say the existence of coli form can suggest the occurrence of more dangerous microorganisms, which can easily trigger illnesses and various diseases. At high quantities, coli form bacteria can pose great health hazards if taken in.


We are, and will continue to flush the water lines until the problem is resolved. And we will continue to take bacteria samples to insure [sic] that it is safe,” the letter stated. “While discolored water is certainly undesirable, it is not necessarily unsafe.” “The [samples] did not show E.coli, but they did show coliform, and we wanted to show [residents] to exercise caution and consider not using the water,” Spaulding added.

Right after the news broke out about the contamination, a number of people were outraged because the utility company never directly contacted them to inform about the coli form. Although the water district’s website issued a message, it never mentioned anything about the coli form contamination nor did it ever warn the residents regarding the potential danger it poses to them. The message merely referenced the water discoloration problem that was experienced previously which several people actually reported last week.

Effort to clean up the water source was immediately implemented. “NCGUD immediately began flushing the water lines upon receiving complaints from residents, and is continuing to do so at TDEC’s recommendation,” Ward stated in an email. “Bacterial test sample results collected last week tested negative.”

Officials however said that groundwater remediation can be used to help restore the potable state of the groundwater source. And in order to prevent introducing any contaminants into the groundwater source, officials encourage their customers to can do their share by making sure no harmful chemicals are being spilled around the water source.

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