Prozac Found In Wastewater Which Making The Birds Fat


A new research has found that in the wastewater a pharmaceutical called Prozac is also present which has been seen in the water even after its treatment. The worrying thing is that the presence of such pharmaceutical is not fine for the birds as it can make them fat. A study about psychiatric pharmaceutical fluoxetine (Prozac) which is a part of prescription of many people in America, has been done by Kate Arnold, who is a fellow at the University of York. The study on the Prozac was done regarding the effects which it can create wild starlings.

The metabolites of Prozac are originated from the human waste and then reach the wastewater where it has been found that they are present in the concentration as high as the µg l-1 level. Prozac is an antidepressant and it has the ability to change the behavior and psychology of the birds and birds have been seen behaving very differently which are on Prozac. Still it has not been confirmed that what amount of concentration is harmful for them and what will be safer and what are the more dangers they may face due to the presence of such contaminants and which are the other pharmaceuticals which can have impact on the health of the birds. For such purpose, more researches are needed and find out the required things.

Birds were monitored and their daily routine was figured out. Normally, these birds have a routine in which they have a breakfast and after that they require some food during the day to maintain the energy level where it should be and at night dinner is must to spend the entire night. Apart from normal birds who had an exposure to the Prozac were not following the same routine. The routine of the foraging of these birds was disturbed which proved a different behavior in them.

Reports told that these pharmaceuticals eluded the wastewater treatment processes and were still there in the wastewater plants and waterways and then that same water was available in the drinking water source as well. The inclusion of these pharmaceuticals in the water is not harmful for the birds but also for the humans. Therefore measures must be taken to avoid this flaw and improvements in the processes of wastewater treatment are required so that the health of the birds and the human can be taken out of danger.


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