Privacy Policy

“Privacy is something that we maintain for something good for ourselves and others. Secrecy we keep to separate ourselves from others even those we care”

As we all know that privacy is a biggest problem of electronic age and every internet user wants to know about the privacy policies of any online service before using it.  “US Water News” website takes care of personal information of its each visitor and providing a thorough plan of its privacy policy here. User can read this policy before using its content and can use “Contact Us” service for more updates.

For Website Visitor To Visit US:

We like other website operators, collects non personal identification information that is not related to the personal identification information. Site collects this data from web browsers and servers. This website collects data like type of web browser, language preference, time period of using this site, referring sites and total visits of each visitor to the site. We collect this data only to check the preference and interest of the User.

We only collects personal identification information like IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of the visitors and not to identify the person who is visiting this site. Website does not expose the information like non personal identification or personal identification information (not for identifying person) but only for under mentioned circumstances.

Why To Collect Personal Identification Information?

Website judges any visitor by its activities and these activities can urge the website to disclose the personal identification information. Website collects the personal identification data according to the interaction of the visitor and amount of personal data it may collect depends on user usage of this site. Website can only collect this personal identification data only when user wants to give otherwise website will not collect this data and not disclose this data.

Protection Of Personal identification Data:

Our site disclose personal identification data to its associates and the contractors who are affiliates with it but there are some circumferences that urge this site to share visitor’s personal identification data to the other associates.


  • Site give PIA ( persona identification data) to the associates or independents of this site if any action is required to take place on the behalf of this site or for any business purpose.
  • We only share this data to the contractors and employee if and only they get agree to our privacy policies.


We only share personal identification data to the independents, employees or third parties under legal statement of law and our privacy policies. As we mentioned in the first that we strongly believe in perusal privacy and we follow our privacy policies strongly to give you a space here. Visitor should know that email address, username and your comments are publicly visible and our site is not responsible this if anyone use this information from our comment area.

Cookies & Ads:

We use cookies technology to collect non personal identification data. Cookies data is like a string data that contains the information each visit of the user from same IP to this site. We are just tracking this information to know the number of visits and usage of our data. User can change setting of you web browsers if any user is not comfortable to share these details with our site. You can see here different advertisement on this website that is shared by different advertisement companies. These ads are not associated with our content or data. Cookies technology will also track your interest and show to the ads of you interest on this site.

Links Of Third Party Websites

You will see the third party website links in our content to give your information here. We are clearly mentioned here that our privacy policy works only for our site and not for third party website whose links are mentioned in the content. If you visit this third party websites then you need to check their privacy policies before using their data.

Privacy Policy Updates:

With the time and requirement, we are allowed to change its privacy policies anytime. So we recommend our users to check regularly our Privacy policies before using our content.