PPCPs are Getting Into Wastewater – Time to Take Serious Measures


Personal care Products (PPCPs) and pharmaceuticals are found in huge amount in the supply of water which find their way to get into through the wastewater and have been spoiling it badly by showing some side effects which are a danger for all of us including human, aquatic life and birds as well for example due to the presence of such pharmaceuticals, birds are getting fat, issues for male fish, gender transforming problems for all the drinkers etc.

The question arises that despite of the efforts of wastewater treatment plant management, these contaminants are found in the drinking water, then what can be done to face them and fight against them to remove them permanently.

EPA who is considering this issue very serious for the health of everyone and for that purpose, a research was conducted by the agency at a widespread level and the objective was to gather the samples from at least fifty wastewater treatment plants of large size. During the research, number of different pharmaceuticals found was 56 which were prescribed very highly and the presence of such pharmaceuticals was assured by the researchers.

Pharmaceuticals which were found in most of the samples included Hydrochlorothiazide which is a medication for the blood pressure. It was found in all fifty samples. Another medication for similar purpose was found 49 samples named Metoprolol, More medications included Atenolol and carbamazepine that were present in 48 samples.


The results showed that the situation is not as simple as EPA thinks, according to which there are no serious threats for the consumers but if we see the results, then the story is different and fear is seen among the people after such analysis.

Concentrations for the measurement are low and drugs at 10 ppb concentration are not found at all so it means that the presence of pharmaceuticals is seen only at low concentrations. Therefore, EPA does not consider the pharmaceuticals very dangerous and there is no strict action being taken right now against that issue.

It is expected that as the more research is done, EPA will get to know about the dangers of PPCPs and then it will be take the matter more seriously which is right now put in the list of Third Contaminant Candidate.

EPA told that according to some studies, the technology being used for the treatment of wastewater is quite successful and performing the job in an effective way but all the PPCPs are not removed by them yet. Some of the names of the technologies which are being utilized for the removal of waste include Reverse Osmosis, UV and Microfiltration.

Work has been done by making some groups to ensure proper disposal of the medication products so that they are save from getting into the wastewater which would ultimately help the public.

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