Poway City Faces Problems By Over Saving Of Water


Every state has set its own regulations to save the water in the drought situation through which country is going through. Poway, CA, which is a small city near San Diego is also involved in such activity of saving water. The city has been successful in doing that at a level that it had to dump 500,000 gallons when the sudden spike in saving threw a glitch into the system.

Water usage was shortened by almost 45 percent by the residents of the city in the month of May and this amount saving caused problems. Blue Crystal Reservoir had the water and it got overheated and it had to suffer from the issue of chloramine imbalance. Mayor of Poway, Steve Vaus was the one who told about this situation. He further said that the water is not remained secure for the drinking purpose.

Why did the city face such issue?

The loss which is faced by the city is not of a small size. The amount of water which has been lost can serve 4 residents for almost one year. The reason behind this loss is actually the financial distress. Financially low city could not handle this situation as it did not have enough funds to release the water from the reservoir to the town’s lake and therefore, there was canyon near the city where the water was released. Authorities also have to think about the safety of the residents that is why recycling of the water is was not done and the water was not given into the pipelines of the city for irrigation because it was necessary to save the people from drinking it which will cause problems for them.


Problem can be avoided by the use of new equipment

To overcome such problem it is necessary for the city to install the new equipment and avoid such problems in the future. Planning has been done to make a standalone recycling system and remove these kinds of issues but the hurdle in the way is the lack of finance and the cost of the project is over $1 million.

Poway city was ordered to reduce the usage of water by 32 percent due to the high water consumption in the city during the drought conditions. The state has set strict water cuts for the urban areas. Other cities are also saving the water according to the requirement.

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