Poor Water Quality In Kent Lake Need Attention


The Kent Lake Park contains the high level of bacteria, which violate the state law standards. Due to this, the Department of Natural Resources in Iowa has listed its name among the most impaired water conditions in the countryside. The required list of the federal, which was sent as a draft, when posted to the authorities as the meeting agenda for the Environmental Commission in Iowa. The meeting is expected to be held in the coming Tuesday to share the serious issue of the poor water quality in the country. As the Park is now becoming dangerous for the visitors or the tourists due to bad water conditions. The Iowa has called an assessment of the TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) to show the depth of the situation’s seriousness about the pollutants of the water due to the bacteria, which need to be handled carefully with the best water purify techniques and to raise the standard of the Lake water according to the country.

The conservation director Johnson County and the Larry Gullett, proclaimed that the water pollution, which occur due to the humans, who visit the beach areas and the geese feces which are part of the beach. Due to such negligence, the water at the beaches are becoming much polluted and its rate of the bacteria, now increasing dramatically from several weeks. He asked the swimmers to inform frequently to the Park authorities and the officers about the poor water quality in the Lake water to cope with the water pollutants in time.

According to the Gullet:

“We will post a sign to alert the people who like to swim that swimming is not allowed in the high level of water with such pollutants. In case of the young or the toddlers, such water situations are much riskier and worst of them as the water will get into their eyes, throat and nose, which cause the serious bacteria infection. Although the teenagers or the adults could cope with the conditions by the shower, which they take after they are done”.


He further added that the county is trying to rejuvenate the water quality issues and efforts to provide healthy and clean water in Lakes from last 3 to 5 years.

Algae, Erosion and Bacteria are stressing waterways which are the best recreational park and the beach for the Iowa residents for the swimming, boating and fishing. Almost more than 725 locations, which are included in the latest impaired list as DNR increased up to 15% percent in the year 2012 to the year 2015.

In the Linn County, the McLoud Rim are the new stretches of the Cedar River, are added to the water impaired list because, there are more than 10% of samples which exceeded from the acceptable level. The pH balance levels for the aquatic life and the humans is much lower than this percentage level. Now under the Clean Act, all the polluted water Lakes or the Beach lists should be delivered to the U.S State of the Environmental Protection Agency after two years.

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