Poor Water Quality In Gardena Disappoint The Residents


On Friday, Erin Brockovick, who is an environmental activist in the Gardena, asked the residents about the water quality in the country. She said, that if the residents of the country have observed the affected particles and the stinky substance which change the color as well as the odor of the water. The residents of the Gardena complaint against the black, yellow, brown and pathetic smell of the water which flow from the faucets in their houses.

The residents have shared their experience of the water that the water which is stocked in the water bottles have the dangerous substance which is injurious to the health of the people. There laundry has changed the colors of the cloths and now the animals are not drinking the tap water which are used in their homes.

Since last summer, the people of the Gardena have complaint about such critical water issues in the city. Erin is on the view that the country is at that edge where we need to deliver the water from the Third World.

The complaints of the residents were noticed, but according to the Golden State Water Co such water is not risky for the health of the people and such conditions are due to the impaired pipes which have such kind of water.


To cope with the bad situations with the quality of the water, the water supply companies are working on the flushing out such smelly and the risky water from the pipes since ages. Such situation was previously complaint by the people of the Gardena, so the Supervisors of the County Board in Los Angeles have passed an order to the regulatory agencies of the State water to resolve the water quality complaints before the residents take legal way to file a case against them in last February.

A community activist named as Helen Huxford, has helped the town hall to organize the meeting, which invited the various officials of the House of the Senate, which are elected in the city and criticized the state water company on their flushing water scheme to purify the water by the wastage. He further added that it is a waste of the precious resource in the country which we are losing fast due to the unplanned and ignore strategies of water savings in the country.

The water state company responded to this criticize, comment of the Helen that they are taking such water quality situation seriously, and are working diligently for the purity of the water for their residents who stayed in the Gardena. They are trying to cope with the expectations of their customers. Additional of the regular flushing of the water, which the company is trying to test weekly and in some areas, it occurs on a daily basis as the residents have launched the complaints about the bad water quality in the country. They claimed that they had made a wonderful progress and also believed that if such collaboration continues, without any distraction to their plans, they will achieve their mission to purify the water in the country.

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