Pollution Can Be Ignored Due To The New Rules Of EPA


New regulations for the protection of water have been passed by the Environmental Protection Agency is full of controversies. The regulations have been published in the latest reports and many questions are arising among the authorities due to this new rule.

The objective of the new rules is mentioned to be the protection of water channels of United States and the rights of the EPA to be illuminated. Regulations which have been passed are not being favored by the agricultural community and House Republicans. The government authorities have the issues which are mentioned in the report regarding the damaging influence on the sources of water used for drinking purpose.

Sale of the latest regulations of the water based on controversies is done by the management of President Obama. The concern of the government is the protection of the dynamic streams and wetlands and it has been done keeping in consideration some thoroughly searched things and capabilities and firm legitimate values.

But various other sources have some different stories regarding this. According to them, officials at the higher position of the agency has told that the ultimate file consisting of the rules has some alterations according to which the Clean Water Act would have to face some limitations in the future. Now the protection is not going to be given to the fish or wildlife which has its significance.


According to the corps experts, these new procedures and the limits set by them are just arbitrary and there is no chance for them to be able to work because no legislation or science provides any backings to them.

Maj. Gen. John Peabody who is the one of the top commanders of the agency for civil work told that the White House would have received the report about the new rules so that the ultimate decision is taken on that. The difference of the new policies over the legal doctrines would give rise to some consequences which are or technical nature as well as legal that would not be beneficial for the currently prevailing form of the policies.

Industry stakeholders also criticized the rules and they were the opponents and said that the memos which were issued by the committee of congress signified that there were many flaws in the rules made by EPA regarding clean drinking water. They did not give much importance to the part taken by another agency which discussed about the vulnerability of the rules.

Although there can be seen that the few kinds of water will be provided safety for very long period but as a result of the alterations in the rules and policies, many other marshes, streams and waterways are going to lose the security, the safeguard of which is being guaranteed for more than last 40 years.

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