Plastic Bottles Should Not Be The Part Of Our Lives Now


The use of plastic bottles for water has been increased which has resulted in above seventy percent of these bottles to be finish up in landfills that are consumed in America. These plastic bottles can be found everywhere whether you are at work or in school or any restaurant. The issue is that people trust the water they get in these bottles which is rather more harmful and expensive as well than if you just refill these bottles with tap water.

Tap water is very less costly as compared to the bottled water for which you almost pay 300 times more money. But if you simply consume tap water that will make you save lot money because the researchers have found that most of you are buying bottled water and paying for only tap water as almost 25 percent of such bottles are filled with that tap water. So you are not only wasting the plastic but also wasting you money for nothing.

The issues are not limited to that point but also energy that is used for the manufacturing of these bottles of water, their transportation and freezingresults in the generation of greenhouse gases. These gases are becoming the cause of global warming the change in the climate as well.

The above discussed problems and the landfills of the plastic bottles are now necessary to be considered seriously and steps must be taken to get rid of these bottles to save our upcoming generation which are not going to be beneficial for them and their lives.


When people think that they are paying for water which is safer for their health, it is their mistake. They are being fooled by the producers. They should know that the control of tap water by the government is done in a better way that the control of water bought in the bottles.

Although sometimes when there is a case of emergency where you do not have tap water available for you therefore you go for the bottled water but in daily routine when you have an easy access to the tap water, you must use that instead of relying on bottled water.

Stats tell that every American on an average is spending his money on bottled water around $150 which is not giving him any benefit in fact he is paying an extra cost for nothing.

If people stop using the bottled water, it would give number of benefits. Not only saving money but also the safety of the earth is ensured from the plastic for our next generations as the use of plastic will be reduced which is contribution in the deterioration of the planet.

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