Planning Board has theft The Revenue of the Poughkeepsie Water Front Project


The Poughkeepsie waterfront developer has threatened the planning board, that they would quit the project if the revenue for the construction of the project is not approved in the coming week. The company is already making a magnificent building and restaurants in the country. This waterfront project was approved last year and up till now, it is waiting for the revenue to start the project. With the negligence of the planning board who are not willing to pay revenues for the projects, now the major builder is threatening to quit the mega protect of the waterfront in the country.

The O’Neil Group real estate counselor Louis Kaufman, told to the media, that

We are done with this waterfront mega project in the Poughkeepsie as the planning board has no intention to complete the project and to pay the approved revenues for the projects. Our company is not receiving approvals from the authorities and in the coming April 21st our contract with the company will end if such ignorance continues”.

The O’Neil Group’s Dutton which is the management company of the Neil Group has been working for the project, which has a construction plan of almost 384 residential areas and almost 12,000 sq.ft of comercical areas which have more that 11.8 acre land. The land is located on the Hudson River, which is known as the Dutchess Ave 1.


In a response to the builder of the project, the planning board member said that Our city need this mega project and if the developers will quit because of the revenue, the city would miss the another masterpiece of the company. Unluckily we are short of revenue which could make this project possible in the city.

According to the Kaufman, A formal plan from the developer has been submitted approximately two years ago and since then they have not been gotten revenues but different criticized plans for changing the idea of this project. Frequent changes in the idea or design of this mega project plan for the city would be overburdened for our engineers and the developers.

The Poughkeepsie project contains the almost three hundred commercial resident while the city Town contains the units of 84 numbers. This project will stand on the border of the Town and city. Beside these units, the total area have almost 84 units which are located on the 8 acre land owned for the development of this mega waterfront project. If this project start develops, then this waterfront will fall in the town and will connect the town with the city. The property of the land would be located in the Hudson River, which have almost 12 foot asphalt and a walking park, which is wide enough to work as a best recreational park in the city.

The planning board are not sure about the apprehension of this property project. The ownership of the town and the city walking park is still not clear. Although the state is ready to approve the transfer the ownership of the land to the company, but still the discussions about the special conveyance about this project is still under discussion.

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