Plan better to give new life to waterfronts


Residents in most parts of the United States have been craving for a better waterfront and from Charles River to the burgeoning Seaport District, a lot needs to be done in order top come up with a waterfront which residents crave for.

Thanks to two decades long fight by Boston residents; they can now enjoy 38 miles of unhindered access   along the edges of Charles River. But residents reiterate that this access is not just enough as what they are looking for is a round the clock waterfront which is active and more engaging.

According to the findings of a recently released survey, most of the United States residents prefer their waterfronts being an open space. Despite massive investments in Boston, the residents are not very happy about their public spaces and waterfronts.

Some common themes have emerged in world class cities such as Seattle, Washington, London and New York as they strive to make massive improvements on their waterfronts. While doing this, the cities have learned on how better to manage their aquatic ecosystem.


The availability of stones and boulders along river banks doesn’t help in helping the development of aquatic life. The cities can think about how best to retrofit their shorelines using materials which promote aquatic life.

The cities have also helped to make recreation much easier. If you check in most waterfronts in major US cities, there are many canoes, kayaks and a wide range of human powered crafts. According to Chicago city officials, Chicago’s future waterfront will be a river walk which will have shallow water that accommodates docking for small sized vessels together with world class amenities for resting boaters.

At the Brooklyn waterfront, boats launch with a lot of eases and blends into a well designed park edge. While the Charles offers   boat launches, access to recreational boating along the entire Boston Harbor will ne a huge welcome.

And in other waterfront news, pedestrian bridge creates the right connection to a waterfront. The bridge, which has been installed in Lake Shore Boulevard and will start being operational from this weekend. It will help provide an excellent view of Toronto, both from above as well as from below.

Drivers using the lake shores will indeed be the first to have a glimpse of the bridge   which is a relatively long glass prism situated below the Gardiner, but hanging just above the car’s.

The assembly of the bridge was done offsite and plans are in place for it to be installed over the summer weekend without obstructing traffic. It is expected that it will be in place before the end of this weekend. However, the final part of the bridge could be installed in one weekend   during the month of September. The exact date is yet to be determined.

Architect John White   who helped to design the bridge said” it is intended to disappear, to sparkle, and to be a clear bridge to see out and through.”

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