Penalty Of $1.5 Million Imposed By California For Theft Of Water


Authorities of California are implementing the policy according to which there will be no tolerance in case of theft of water. State has decided to put fine on the farmers who have been found stealing the water in this situation of drought which is very devastating now and the amount of fine is proposed to be $1.5 Million.

California has been in the state of drought since last four years now and this condition has proposed the authorities to make some strict regulations regarding the consumption of the water. These tough restrictions are made to be obeyed by all the individual users, industrial as well as agricultural consumers. Byron-Bethany Irrigation is the one who has been imposed the fine which has been supplying water to 160 families of farmers.

This fine has showed that this is not only said by the officials of the state but also have given a clear indication that the action is being taken in a very aggressive manner and those water suppliers who are obeying the laws being imposed by the government in order to save the water, they should be cautious now. This has happened first time that the authorities of California State raised penalties of this strict nature.

The irrigation district which had been fined was given twenty days to make a request for the hearing. During the previous month, the district officials had filled a lawsuit against the water board authority of the state that has cut the provision of the district. Now, they have decided to request a hearing and they are going to challenge the penalty imposed on them in the court.


Russell Kagehiro who is the president of the board of the irrigation district said that the board of the state has just selected their district to set an example at the cost of their customers and the groups supported by their hard work. He further said the district is going to stop fighting for its right of supplying the water. Those owners of the lands or others who have made the district their source of water cannot be refused and they have complete rights over that water.

State regulators have always tried to find out those who are involved in the thieving of the waterand exploitation of the supply of water and even if the regulators had caught them, it would not be sure that whether those who had been stealing water would stop that illegal activity or they would continue.

It is necessary to take a permit from the authorities for the use of water. There are almost 30,000 entities who have the permit which valid for them including farmers, individual owners of the property and water utilities.

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