Pathetic Water Quality In ForestVille Disappoint The Residents


On Wednesday, the major water issues raise in the country, New York due to the poor water quality which is observed in the Forestville. According to the report, the people who are resident of the area have serious complaints on the quality of the water which have risked their lives. The report was already shared with the authorities last year August. The residents have complained that the drinking water smelled awful and it also ruins their laundry and the dishes with the discolor. The substance in the water has discolored the daily washings used by the people of the area.

On of the homeowner in the ForestVille named Angela Bittinger claimed that there is a bit difference between the smelly and untidy water, which they have felt during the weekdays and on the weekends. She believed that on the weekends the water quality is much worse as compare to the weekdays. The water becomes stinky on special days, which irked the residents and damage their utensils and clothes.

After the report submitted the dozens of the villagers, including the Bittinger have researched on the water conditions in the Forestville and found results that the person’s health conditions are getting worse due to the poor chemicals and the un-hygienic water which flow in the city. The sticky substance which damage the laundry and the other things is overcome due to the chlorine, which could be used during the washing and the shower in the houses. The water issues are getting worse without the proper precautionary measures took on the country side.

In a current meeting with the Villagers of the ForestVille, the Bittenger felt that the residents’ health is getting worse due to the parasites which could be found in the water used by the villagers for their daily purposes.


The some residents reported about their laundry, which become discolored due to the hidden chemicals or the substance after the washing. Beside this the people claimed that due to the poor water quality, the utensils other dishes which they washed with this water have black spots which is alarming.

On the other hand the Mayor of the Forestville Kevin Johnson claimed that all the reports are baseless.He has checked all the water issues and found no any critical and pathetic results afterwards. The water in the village is up to mark. He also predicted that this water is safe for the health of the residents as it checked by the Health Department who have tested the sample of this water in their laboratories. The village authorities deeply analyzing the situation and are working on the project to provide the odorless water, which is secure enough for the health of the residents of the ForestVille. The two chemicals are found in the content of the water, which could be harmful for the health of the people with their stinky substance and odor and it would be fixed with the time as authorities are working on it.

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