Opinion Piece: Water Conservation Measures While Gardening


Due to the biting drought experienced in California, many environmental organizations are coming up to teach the residents on how they can reduce the amount of evaporation that takes place while also creating a health ecosystem.

It’s always a superb idea gardening using methods which doesn’t waste water. This will help in reducing water bill while also ensuring that the quality of water under the soil is improved drastically.

As the scorching sun beats down on your garden, more water is lost. Placing mulch above the soil surface will ensure that water wastage is minimized.

But for home owners who have decorative gardens, using mulch is indeed the best way to reduce the amount of water loss that is to be achieved.


Other methods which can be used to cut down on water los include placing a layer of newspaper below this. This will help preserve water while also reducing the number of weeds popping through.

A vegetable garden can also benefit from mulching. However, there is need to ensure that a natural material such as grass, straw clippings and chopped leaves be used.

This will not only assist in creating a good ecosystem which will assist in feeding your plants, but also reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs.

But one of the most important aspects of drought care is the adoption of good watering techniques. When you water plants early in the morning or late in the evening, there will be very little water lost. Hand watering also offers an effective solution to this problem because it directs water at the base of the plant.

It’s better to water deeply less regularly than adopt quick watering everyday. A slow drip horse will be at a better position to provide more water at the base of the plant, therefore penetrating deeply.

However, recently, regulations regarding application of water on gardens were published which required people to avoid watering their gardens outside the designated areas outside the designated hours. State laws require that residents water their plants between evening and early morning hours.

They are also required to wash their cars using nozzles that can be locked off. They are also not allowed to allowed to waste water through run offs, leaks in their homes and many more. Those who go against these state rules get fined.

These regulations will continue until the time when the drought eases and when water supply has increased.

But if this does not happen, state officials will have to declare the next level of water conservation measures which will see the residents exercise some really stringent conservation measures. Water rationing may also be considered if no improvement is seen.

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