Opinion Piece: More needs to be done To Guard State’s Water Supply


The liquid that filled the glass looked much like a smoothie and it was quite hard for light to pass through it. It wasn’t even close to what you would buy at a coffee shop, it was water fetched straight from Lake Erie which is the main source of water to Toledo, the fourth largest city in Ohio.

For three consecutive days earlier this month, residents of the city were an advised by their mayor to avoid drinking their tap water, bathing or cooking with because toxins had been discovered in the lake.

Police were called in to assist in asking the residents to make sure that their water shelves are emptied while several distribution sites were opened in the entire area.

As soon as Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency, the National Guard of Ohio commenced providing the residents with thousands of water gallons, reported the NBC news channel.


The alarm was raised after tests that were carried out at a treatment plant showed that there were more than normal amount of microsystin which can cause liver problems, vomiting and diarrhea.

Researchers say that the initial cause is too much sewage from treatment plants and phosphorous from nearby farms getting into the lake. This triggered algae boom at a location that is not far away from the water intake pipe, therefore contaminating the water.

We don’t take our access to water very seriously. Walk a couple of steps in the house or loft where you live, turn the tap, and there’s the water you have to drink, cook with or just do whatever you want with.

You cannot imagine how much your life and that of other people can be disorganized when water supply is cut off. You don’t need to envision, however; you can simply take a gander at what happened in Toledo.

Again, some substances spilled from a burst pipe and contaminated the water of Elk River which provides water to more than 300,000 residents in the state capital.

Although the Racine contamination was managed, some people still say that there is not enough effort put in place to tackle water supply issues.

There are many bodies in the United States which take water quality for granted especially in the light of high amounts of phosphorous which get into the water bodies and ecosystems through run off as shown by the department of Natural Resources of Wisconsin.

Many types of green growth are contaminating Wisconsin waters, but according to experts, blue green growth like the one found in Lake Erie is causing an alarm.

Over time, there has been some revelation of the green growth holding some poison as shown by studies carried out by the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

State authorities shave reported that the 4 water frameworks situated on Lake Winnebago have indeed fought off the contamination.

Three years ago, Wisconsin became one of the states that favored programs which were aimed at reducing the amount of phosphorous contamination

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