In the most of the major cities of the United States, they are adding the fluoride to the supply of the tap water. But, there is now one region that is standing out against it and that is Oklahoma!

According to the reports, the health officials from the Oklahoma are worried about the some communities those are adding the fluoride that assists in preventing the tooth decay to the water.

Majority of the water in the Oklahoma is not added with the fluoride.

There is 62% of the Oklahoma public those are receiving the water that involves the mix up of the fluoride that is coming to the homes in the Oklahoma.


According to the reports, some of the communities of the Oklahoma are asking not to include the fluoride in the water they are getting because of the cost issues.

The Oklahoma is not the sole region that is standing against the fluoride as there are also some other communities and because of this, the movement against the fluoride is gaining its strength in the United States.

There are several reasons why the municipality would decide to not choose the fluoride. The reasons why the communities are not accepting the fluoride involves:

According to Paul Southwick who is the manager of the Fairview city, “a tornado shattered the entire equipment for the treatment of the water a few years ago and because of that, there wasn’t any way left in order to fluoridate the water.”

The officials of the Lawton stopped fluoridating the water of the city in the last year because of the infrastructure and cost reasons.

According to the general manager of the public works authority and the manager of the Purcell city, Dale Bunn, they stopped up fluoridating the water when an equipment failure was spotted and that was too expensive to get replaced.

But according to the dentists, the fluoride is not only good for the teeth, but it is also considered as a cost saver.

According to the Dr. Jana Winfree, who is the director of the dental health services at state Health Department, “you are saving $38 in shape of the dental costs by investing a single dollar in fluoridating the water for the community that is why it should be considered as a cost saving procedure.”

Now, it is to be decided by the concerned authorities and the others whether to decide to fluoridate the more areas or to have a more deep study on the issue in order to get more decisive findings and the facts.

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