Ohio Drinking Water Not Yet Over-Michael Collins


The water emergency which was issued earlier this week in Ohio is not yet over.

Earlier this week, toxins which were discovered in the city’s water supply left about half a million people scrambling for safe water for drinking.

According to Michael Collins, the Toledo mayor, toxin level showed slight improvement at the city plant, but he added that water officials were waiting for clearance from the federal officials who are yet to publish the results of tests for samples which they had collected.

“The results continue to show a lot of improvement, which makes us hopeful,” said Collins Wednesday. However, this is not over yet.


Earlier this week, the testing results were delayed which caused a lot of anxiety among the residents. However, the mayor told The Blade, a Toledo based newspaper that new tests are being conducted and as soon as the results are available, the general population will be informed of the outcome.

The state of emergency which was declared by Gov. John Kasich affected counties such as Fulton, Wood and Lucas. At the time of declaring the emergency, the mayor ordered the National Guard to make sure that the affected areas were watered.

Complex problems

Boiling the water doesn’t help anything, but make the toxins more concentrated. Boiling water has long been used as a way of fighting contamination, but because of the unique nature of the toxins in question, residents are warned to avoid the water completely.

Collins said that the contamination is blamed on algae from Lake Erie which is the main source of city water supply. He said that after the tap water is declared safe and the emergency lifted, the authorities will find out the best ways to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

It is reported that when the problem is cleared up, there will still be some issues remaining such as the agricultural runoff and algae presence in the western basin.” This is the direction we need to go,” Collins said.

It is now a few days since the emergency was declared and the city has been supplying its residents with water. Fire stations have also been helping out and families have been carrying anything in their possession to fill it with water. Tyshanta DeLoney, a resident of Toledo who has been searching water for the whole of Wednesday said “that was quite a blessing,” Until when the emergency is lifted in all the affected areas, things will just remain as they are.

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