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Odonklassniki is a network for the collaboration of the old friends and class fellows. It is a Russian network, which started working in 2006. This website is visited by millions of people daily. This website is providing excellent communication services to the people around the world. Now you can share your ideas and knowledge related to any field by sitting at any place and at any time. Thus, it has helped a lot in bringing the people closer to gather. By making an account on this site, you can vast your social circle. This will help you to make a close connection an association with your friends and colleagues. Through your classmate account, you can share your lessons, knowledge and other matters related to your field of study.

There are certain restrictions for making an account on this site.

  • Your age must be 7 years or above.
  • Age of the user must be less than 35 and his earning should be less the $30,000.
  • You must have post-graduate education and your browsing network should be your home.

How to approach it?

This activity will not take much time. We have described the whole procedure, make an easy understanding of all the instructions and perform accordingly:

  • First of all you have to click on this site odnoklassniki.ru
  • After this, you will find a page. On the right side of the page there is a field. Enter your user ID or Email and phone number and password.
  • After this click “Login”.

Thus, in this way you can easily share your lesson plans and can share your ideas, thinking, and knowledge with your friends.

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