Rules of NY Lottery Take Five game


To play in advance you need to select number of drawings for which you want to take part through play card. It allows you to play for up to 7 drawings via one ticket. You can also enjoy service of subscription to get updates about latest news and offers. Play regular Take 5 numbers. You need to add your instant win for $1 after than match your numbers with any Instant wind numbers and win a prize. You can redeem your prize instantly and get a new ticket for night drawing.


You need to understand given rules carefully.

  • You need to pick up a play card from New York Lottery retailer.
  • Select five numbers starting from 1 to 39. You need to fill squares as directed on play card. Save your time by allowing computer to select numbers randomly for you.
  • You can play for five times on one single play card. Minimum rate for this game to play is $1 but you can play up to $5 for five games of Play card.
  • You need to select number of drawing in which you want to take part. In advance you can participate up to 7 drawings.
  • You need present your play card to retailer of NEW YORK LOTTERY to receive a separate ticket for each processed play card.
  • You need to authenticate that either your ticket is correct or not. For this purpose you need to authenticate that dates and number printed are correct or not. This game allows you to try your luck for seven days a week.

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