NTSB Says No Conclusive Cause Of Venice Beach Plane Crash


Air accident investigators are not yet sure as to what may have caused a plane crash on a beach that is within a close proximity of Venice last month. The disastrous air accident killed a father and his daughter who were in the beach at the time.

The National Transportation Safety Board released a report detailing its preliminary findings on Thursday.

Career investigators who are attached to the Federal Aviation Administration, the NTSB and the manufacturer’s of the plane and its engine didn’t find any obvious clues as to what may have caused the Piper Cherokee to lose power and crash on the Caspersen Beach.

The plane accident killed two people a 36 years old army Sgt.Ommy Irizarry and his nine years old daughter Oceana. The father and daughter were 4 feet in water when the plan came down rumbling and struck them hence causing the fatalities.


The National Transport and Safety Board stated that it was the first time the plane was flown in about three and half months.

The report also indicated that Karl Kokomoor, the pilot climbed to 10,000 feet before the engine started to run roughly.

Kokomoor checked the various positions of the ignition switches and also changes the fuel tanks, but the plane lost power and came down.

The pilot told investigators that he tried to avoid the crowds and he didn’t know that he had hit anyone until when he excited the plane and someone asked for his cell phone with the intention to call for help.

Those who witnessed the accident say that the plane came in silently. Investigators did not find any problem with the fuel’s tank vent system and also the fuel supply line.

There were no anomalies with the engine’s compression, fuel quality and magneto sparks.

The investigators had a lot of fuel. They defueled it, removed the wings and transferred it to a storage facility where they restarted the engine.

Afterwards, the team of investigators removed, disassembled and then did an examination of the carburetor. They didn’t find anything which would affect the normal operations of a plane.

The NTSB reports that investigations into the engine’s electrical system, fuel delivery system and air induction system continues.

For the last two weeks, two accidents have been reported on beaches located within a short distance from Venice and one of them turned fatal. This makes it a bit scary, but investigations continue.

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