Now the Crises Tool is with the Utilities All the Time in their Mobile Devices


Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has been working to protect the human health and have made regulations for the water utilities to work for that specific purpose. A new mobile website has been recently launched the objective of which is that the information which water utility operators and the response partners require when there is any emergency, can be combined and made available at one place. The site was named as “Water Utility Response-On-The-Go” and it has provided the users a facility to know about the correct emergency response partners to make contact. The website also gives the users to have documents of up to date information about the weather conditions, damage assessment forms and Incident Action Checklists.

The purpose of making this website is that all of the data related to crises resources can be made available through a tool at one place when there is a possibility of an access to the mobile technology only.

All the water utilities and the partners have been asked about that and the analysis was done which gave in the form of feedbacks from them and that was positive. The resources were available earlier but this tool has benefited the water utilities to have an access to the information which they can get easily whenever there is a case of emergency.

The results showed the excitement of the water utilities because of the website of On-The-Go. The reason for that pleasure response is the design of the website which is made in a user friendly way and the users do not need to indulge in it for a long time and they can simply and quickly get what they want in emergency just on a mobile device. Utilities and the other partners further added that the advantage of the website is that it will keep us them aware of the important things and it will allow all the partners to coordinate and communicate at the time of need.


By the help of the feedbacks from the users, EPA can make some improvements and updates in the website. EPA has decided to add an Incident command System form. It has a feature of ‘drop box’ due to which user may upload damage assessments to a common repository, an action checklist for chemical spills, and another option which will allow the users to add local emergency contacts that is made available national list.

Continuous feedback is being taken and is planned to be obtained in the future as well so that the necessary improvements can be brought to the website and the service which has been started by the EPA can be made more satisfactory for the users.

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