North Dakota State Has Imposed Penalties On Water Thieves


Use of water illegally has been taken into consideration in North Dakota and penalties are being imposed on the individuals and businesses involved in the theft of water.

Fire Department of Lignite Volunteer was found to be involved in the activity of selling water from its wells and this water was supposed to be utilized for firefighting. A profit of above $650,000 has been earned so far for the last many years. State authorities when had the knowledge about this act, they took action very smartly.

Fire department was not legally authorized to sell its water therefore the department was imposed a fine which was equal to the amount of the profit that was earned through the sale of water. The fine amount was $658,871.

Three years before, government started taking steps to put penalties on the businesses which do not care about the water and were using water in illegal manner. The target was to reduce the profit of the companies they are getting through illegal ways which persuaded the state regulators to take strong measures. The measures taken by the state benefited the authorities to collect the money earned illegally back as fines were to be paid by the illegal sellers of water that resultantly made the government to have huge amounts to use them for other development activities.


The penalties which had to be paid during the previous year were more than $1.6 million while per day amount of $25,000 reached for the civil individuals or businesses which are paying penalties for the illegal sale of water.

In the previous few years, there have been seen enhancement in the energy sector in the state of North Dakota due to which the requirement of water has also increased more. With the increase In such need of water, the sale of water is found to be more than earlier it was and now the water from the places where water is present in more quantity is being taken to fulfill the requirements.

Without getting a permit for the sale of water for the use in industrial sector not legal in the state of North Dakota.

California State is facing the issues of water theft as well where the alarming thing is that there is no difficulty in stealing water and the regulators are not yet able to determine the people engaged in the theft of water and what quantity of water is being taken away by them.

Theft of water is being done in different ways for example ponds may be built by few residents for swimming or there might be farmers who have been given the authority to use water to a certain limit while they are not following the order and taking more than it Is permitted. To control such activities and save more water, few stakeholders are now taking part in that.

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