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Get Amazing Nordstrom Promo Code And Sales Offers At Nordstrom

Despite climbing our way out of a recession, the state of Nordstrom’s financial condition is positive. The strong brand name and attention to customer service makes Nordstrom among the top upmarket retailers in America and overseas. Rounding out the last quarter with a strong stock market performance, Nordstrom continues to edge out the competition.

In these hard times, Nordstrom is able to make up for losses on the high end of the famous retailer. In fact, sales increased by amazing number i.e. 20% on the back of 27 new store openings and an increase of 6.4% in same-store sales. Direct sales were also strong on Christmas and in Quarter, with a 33% annual increase.

The Nordstrom Rewards program is extremely amazing and it has approximately 3.9 million members, an increase of 25%. Brand loyalty is clearing a priority.

In regards to their two biggest competitors: Macy’s and Dillard’s, Nordstrom is performing better than both, netting 53% revenue change, versus 16% and 1%, respectively.

Even for department stores generating solid profitability, sales growth has been difficult to achieve during this year. Nordstrom’s performance looks particularly encouraging when keeping in mind the current economy.

Aside from being a well-run department store with strong management, one of the ways that Nordstrom keeps ahead of its competition is by offering attractive promotions and deals. Unlike, a Macy’s, Nordstrom does NOT offer ‘coupons’, which is partially in an effort to keep their higher-end status, versus a mid-tier department store like Macy’s. Nordstrom is careful to comment on their own website that “Nordstrom Promo Codes 15%” offered from popular couponing sites like are not valid. Nordstrom relies on sales and rewards deals, which apparently, are enough.

There are two types of promotions:

  • Gifts with Purchase

Nordstrom offers complimentary gifts with purchase, which are typically associated with a specific brand, item or minimum order amount, as indicated on relevant pages of our site.

Nordstrom customers are made to feel appreciated by receiving a ‘gift’ upon purchase of a specific brand or items. This also allows Nordstrom to use resources from the brand itself to fund the promotion.

  • Buy & Save

This promotion allows customers to receive a discount by purchasing two or more of one item or specified group of items.

  • Nordstrom Rewards

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Every 2,000 points that you will get, you can get a $20 Nordstrom Note as a reward. You can get two points for every net dollar spent. Once you earn these notes or rewards, you can use them on anything you want to purchase at any Nordstrom store.

The most popular program, accounting for a large chunk of their repeat business, although you must apply for a Nordstrom credit card, which in addition to rewards, gets you:

  • Free alterations
  • Triple point days
  • Exclusive holiday event
  • Early access to anniversary sale

     Shop early for a once of year sale, next happening in July 2015.

  • Extraordinary experiences

o      Everything from staring in your own photo shoot to meeting top design teams. These are reserved for the highest levels.

  • VIP Event Access

o      Access to ‘exclusive’ shopping, dining or spa experiences

o      Invitation to private fashion shows

There are ‘levels’ to the rewards program. Your eligibility for the higher levels of the program is based on your annual net purchases with your Nordstrom credit or debit card at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores and online at, and HauteLook (also a Nordstrom company).

  • Level 1: Spend up to $1,999.99 and receive benefits of early access to the anniversary sale and free alterations.
  • Level 2: $2,000 based on 2013 net Nordstrom purchases on your Nordstrom card. Level two rewards include a twenty dollar note.
  • Level 3: $5,000 based on 2013 net Nordstrom purchases on your Nordstrom card. This includes access to Extraordinary Experiences. One example of an ‘Extraordinary experience is:
  • Level 4: $10,000 based on 2013 net Nordstrom purchases on your Nordstrom card.

o      “Select one spa experience for you and a guest (including one spa service each) or a dining experience for you and up to three guests at a Nordstrom restaurant. Plus, you’ll be invited to a private fall fashion shopping event, open to Level 4 customers and their guest only.”

It goes without saying that Nordstrom likes to ‘take care’ of their best customers, who are treated like VIPs. Nordstrom is about making the customer feel special and rewarding them for their purchases, versus opportunities at lower end department stores for bargains.

How To Apply:

Apply for a debit card, credit card or Visa Signature. This process is easily done online (the Visa in stores only). The debit card is especially convenient because you reap all of the rewards, but the funds come directly from your bank account. Avoid finance charges and mounting bills. As an added incentive, get a twenty dollar note the day you apply.

Nordstrom reaches all potential consumers by widening their demographic with discount stores like Nordstrom Rack and Use the above cards at any of these locations in order earn your points. Part of the appeal is that you don’t have to fit the ‘wealthy person’ profile in order to reap the benefits. That said, there are high end luxury options to spend money, like the Spa and Restaurants (offering top quality service and food).

So while Nordstrom does not offer coupons and promotional codes like competitors are doing, they are offering many levels of the shopping experience, and are still managing to perform better than Macy’s and Dillard’s, for example.

Notice, the rewards are called ‘notes,’ not coupons. The store does not deal in coupons, but only rewards. The semantics make this feel much more exclusive and only faithful shoppers are rewarded.

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