No More Water Supply Irritate The Residents Of Sussex


The Sunday evening was the most worst evening for the residents of the Sussex. The various reports are noticed against the shortage of the water in the city. The issue reached to the Mayor for the settlement of the water situation in the city. The main water tank became busted into the city which is the only source of the water supply in the country. The resident’s complaint, that there is no supply of the water since morning. To cope with the emergency situation in the Sussex, the authorities have provided the bottled water to the residents of the Hailsham and Polegate. Due to such critical conditions, various people have to live without the water in their area till the issue resolved by the authorities.

According to the latest report, almost 30 inch diameter of the water cast iron burst in the morning at the South East Water and the Diplocks Roundabout area. The customers which stay in the areas with the following postcode BN20 to the BN27 are unfortunately facing this water problem in their areas.

Due to this emergency situation, in the areas, the people also faced long delays in the traffic which are located near the Hailsham.

The Service Management Head in the South East Water, Mr.Steve Andrews, told to the media, that,


“The burst of the water tank was occurring on an almost 30 inch diameter water tank. The contractors and staff which are currently working on the site to repair the water tank are trying to control the damages. The technicians which are specialist are also trying to sort out the flow of water pipes in the area which are passing underground. This could resolve supply issue and provide water for many people. The repairing need time, as the water needed to be put back into the trunk in a preventive manner to avoid a further bust of the tank”.

As the water tank burst, affected the large area in the Sussex, so the supply of the water bottles are available in some areas, and it will be available in many other additional areas, soon where the people faced same water conditions.

The Steve Andrews explained further that, the company has already organized the supply of the water bottles for the residents, which are unable to get the water in their postal areas. The company deliver and collect the bottles of the water and try to overcome the water situations in the areas which are affected by the tank bursts. The company sole purpose is to provide the tap water to the people as soon as possible, but the idea of restoring the water till the tank repair is impossible, if the customers are not patience and not cooperating in restoring the water supplies in their houses or their daily uses.

The free water bottles are available at the Hailsham Center for the residents and also it could be delivered at their local areas, if the company have get the idea of the water supply issues in the areas.

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