No More Water On Saturdays: A California Water Conservation Ordinance


The California, which is becoming the most dreadful drought victim for the last four years, now taking more precautionary measures to control the wastage of the water in the country. The Gov of the city, already passed the many ordinance in conserving the water conditions in the country. Also the investments are made by the House of Senate for the tools and the techniques to recycle the water and conserve for the coming years, which are predicted as the most dry years of the California residents.

On Tuesday, the City Council Lompoc, which is the part of the California, passed an urgent ordinance in controlling the water situation in the country as the wastages of the water is severely affecting the water conservation techniques which are still unacceptable for the most of the residents.No matter, the bills are charged on those who broke the laws.

According to the water urgency ordinance, the Municipal Code of the Lompoc, has restricted the watery conditions of the residents lawns to get the water before 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. only on Saturdays and the Wednesdays.

The water conservation ordinance also bans the usage of the water in a way that it caused to be run off, which means that the flow of the water into the adjacent property, public walkways, parking lots, non-irrigated areas and private walkways as well as structures in the Lompoc city.


The staff of the City had already approved the restricted water usage for the resident’s lawn and the daily uses on the Monday and Thursday, but the City Council has changed the ordinance approve on the specific days, which are mentioned as the Saturdays and Wednesdays with the approval of the James Mosby who is the Councilman in the Lompoc City.

The general idea of restricting the water on the Saturday is that the many residents of the city are interested in doing their hobbies of the gardening and landscaping on their holidays which is on Saturday. The suggestions are made, by keeping the need of the time to conserve the water in the city. The Mayor of the City like the idea and approve the new ordinance of the water usage on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

The ordinance also contains a new policy of the violation which focus on the rules which are violated by the residents of the city against the conservation plan of the water. They would be given warnings thrice and then fine would start at the three levels which starts from paying the fine amount $50 to double in the next violation of the rules which are made by the Senate. The all offenses should be paid in a one year as the first violation starts by the people of the Lompoc.

According to the Mosby:

“A lot of action plan needs to be worked on this system of honor as mostly the workers don’t work on the Saturday’s.”

Altough this ordinance will work same as the State Ordinance, but it should be handled in a separate way.

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