No Cut Off Of Water, Increase Water Supply With Powerful Techniques


The recent happenings on the California are grabbing the world attention of saving the water till the next year. There is a huge space between the supply and the demand of the water in the country. No matter, various techniques are already implemented in the country to save the water before its decline. There is a huge question mark on how this paucity of the water will be controlled? Limiting the usages of water in the daily life is not the solution and it already ignited the criticism on the water conservation techniques. As a result, most water is theft in the rural areas, where farmers are saving and using extensive water in their fields.

It is already believed that the California is facing a most critical situation of the water paucity due to change of the climate change which already increased the competition for the supply of water in the different parts of the country. Although the governor of the California has already officially announced the mandatory orders for the preservation of the water, which is necessary for the energy, agricultural, residential and the commercial use.

There is extensive ideas and strategies which are suggested to the government against the shortage of the water, which would be declining on a year or so. According to the suggestions, no more beef eating habit should be adopted, no more lawn watering should be used, people should have a limited showers in their lives to protect the water from declining. Such kind of restrictions are easy to order but difficult to implement. The top 10 convenient ways to equalize the demand and supply of the water is to introduce new techniques and the technologies to recycle the waste of the water.

Several countries have already adopted the thoughtful techniques which could control the water crises in the country. The countries like China and Brazil are also working on the “one water” technique which is a new trend in the countries which are facing the paucity of the water due to the climate instability.


According to the “One water” which is a holistic idea of observing the water conditions in the silos. As the water sources like the ground water, brackish water, gray water and others are the water important sources which always clearly examined. With such increasing demands of water and the supply declining, such factors are closely examined by the authorities.

The best source which could be noticeable for overcome the shortage of the water, is the salty desalination water. The other desalination like brackish water is also suitable for such solutions. The waste of the water through the special recycle machines and the treatment techniques could strengthen the supply power for the water in the country. It could be used for filling the demands of the water in the needed areas.

The United States Water Alliance and the other associations also believe in the “one water” idea which is a powerful tool to preserve the water in the country and could supply the water according to the demands of the public.

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