New York Governor Sets Aside $650 Million For Mitigating The Effects Of Future Storms In Waterfronts


New York City officials are seeking the opinion of the locals on how best $3 million can be spending. Initially, the amount was set aside to assist East Bronx waterfront community’s weather future storms, the officials said.

The funds have been made available by New York’s Rising Community Reconstruction Program which was launched in 2013 by Gov.Cuomo to increase the efforts of combating storm and rebuilding communities after Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

The plan is asking the residents in the areas which are prone to these disasters to come forward and suggest the best ways that can be adopted to combat the next event.

“Rebuilding efforts are going on, but preparation as well as prevention for future storms is of paramount importance to mitigating possible damage,” said senator Jeff Klein who plans to work together with groups of community leaders , landscape architects and engineers.


“This program enables people who understand the neighborhoods much better debate on the projects that carry the highest risk,” said the senator.

“Other than beach clubs which were destroyed during Sandy, sea walls in majority of the coastal communities were also extensively damaged,” said John Marano who sits in the community’s board.

However, most of the area avoided the disaster just by sheer luck two years ago.

Marano added that the area was not very badly hit by Sandy, but we have to have the thought that were it not for the winds to change that day, things could have been much worse.

Since April last year when the program commenced, the Governor has allocated $650 million towards the reconstruction effort.

The program has been launched in   several other New York neighborhoods including Rosedale in Queens, Gravesend in Brooklyn and 13 other neighborhoods.

Many residents applauded the actions of the Governor and his team, terming the move as timely. However, some of them reiterate the need for the city officials to take more precautionary measures against natural disasters in future.

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