New York City Facing The Threats From West Nile Virus


New York city has been attacked by West Nile virus which is found to be present in the mosquitoes. City authorities are now engaged in the treatment of water basin so that the virus is not spread to the people. Health departments have made themselves cautious and active for the collection of the bugs to know completely about the virus and its effects and the treatment of water basin in the areas which are being attacked by the virus. The collection of mosquitoes is done from Glen Oaks neighborhood in Queens and along New Dorp Beach on Staten Island.

The areas where the water is standing are being kept in the focus and the health department is trying to reach such areas for the treatment along with the marshland and city catch basins. The treatment of the virus is going to be done through the killing of these infected mosquitoes and the killing of the mosquitoes will be done by applying larvicide to the areas mentioned above.

No cases in humans have been reported yet this year. The movement of the virus depends in large part on precipitation patterns, because the virus is carried by mosquitoes, which require hydration.

The cause of the creation of the virus has been mentioned by few experts and according to them it is the wet winter which comes after the drought situation and causes the virus to grow in the mosquitoes which spread it to the city. After the drying up of the rivers, pools of water are created which are filled with nutrients. These dirty, nutrient included pools are the places where the mosquitoes lay eggs and through the virus the winter can be survived by them as they hide in the tunnels or sewers.


The officials of Home Team Pest Defense have given suggestions to the households for their safety that they should not let their lawns to get extra amount of water due to which dirty pools of water can be created which could ultimately cause the virus to grow more.

Last year the city authorities had a crack down on the swimming pools and birth baths which resulted in the notice for more than 700 residents of the New York city under which they were asked to pay attention to the proper treatment of the water in their yards as it was not being done as it should have been and that would be dangerous for everyone.

The health department of the city is also engaged in the ways to get rid of such particular virus and always ready to give suggestions to the residents and help them.

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