New Waterfront Condo Development in Bronx


There are new condo developments on the eastern part of the Bronx waterfront. New developments are not always seen in the island as the residents are people who are hard to please.

However, the proposed development which will cover 23 condos sounds to have passed and will indeed be the first development in the island for the past two and half decades.

This city is a reminiscent of a New England’s fishing city and not a common occurrence especially given the fact that it borders New York City.

The construction is halfway already and the first buyers of this magnificent development should be at a position to move in by fall 2015. This is according to Thomas Ryan who is the senior vice president of Greystone, a property development firm that is constructing the gated community.


In the entire project will be 21 two family units, a clubhouse as well as a single family house clustered on 5 waterfront acres situated along 223 Fordham Place. Almost all of the available units will have water views.

“Without embarking on any type of marketing, just by erecting a construction fence and parking excavators out there, we have seen a lot of interest,” said Ryan.

The price for two bed roomed house will start at $400,000 while the starting price for a three bed roomed house will be $500,000, said Mr.Ryan.

But there will be some much bigger homes which if marketed as three bedrooms can be converted into four bedrooms. These housing units, together with the four bed-roomed homes are directly on the water and it hasn’t been priced yet.

“While most of the residents have expressed no reservations for the development, there are a few of them who have shown a lot of resentment,” said John Doyle who is a senior officer for the City Island Civic Division.

He said that they were opposed to the height variance which they had asked for and there were quite some concerns about parking. These are the kind of concerns which you would get in every neighborhood. However, the development is quite consistent with the existing zoning regulations.

Most of the 1500 homes which are available on the City Island are single family units and Greystone opted to design the two family units in a manner that makes them look like they are two family units. They were able to achieve this by stacking the two units atop one another.

“The idea behind this move is to make sure that the houses does not look like two family units that are positioned side by side,” said Ryan.

The gated community will not provide the rest of the islands residents’ access to the outdoor pool, fitness center, playground and clubhouse. However, as part of the requirements of zoning, the developers are making available a public amenity of its own- an esplanade that covers hundreds of feet along the water, complete with a gazebo and benches.

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