In order to recycle the waste material of forklift battery in a quick and more efficient way, the Group of Solus will now be giving offer of a new recycling plant with the help of a website.

Now a day’s informed about a new dirty water recycling program throughout the North of America for its customers.

According to the marketing manager whose name is Jennifer Tayylor the program of the wastage water recycling, one out of three wastage water recycling Solus Groups will help the people to recycle the dirty water from many industries processing, for example forklift battery cleaning in more quick and less dangerous way.

According to Tayylor” The uplift batteries, which are made of lead acid and the top part of the battery or collects the residue, the chemical residue should be washed way but it may be the reason on the toxic gases to spread in the environment and pollute it.


With a waste and dirty water recycling system, the members of the  Solus Group’s will no longer be in need to bring in an outer company to recycle the stagnant water, as they can do it without anyone’s helping. In this way a huge sum of money will be saved and it will also be convenient for the Solas Group according to Jennifer.

“This new products helps in balancing the pH level of the waste water so it will not affect the environment. This system eradicates chemical substances like hydro Carbons and the metallic stuff from the water, the remaining stuff is acceptable by the land, “Said Jennifer.

The Customers of the Solus Group who already bought that wastage recycling plant are given their positive reviews according to Taylor. She said that a firm bought one recycling plant for testing and they later came for more after checking its efficiency, they bought 2 more systems.

About Solus Group:

The Solus Group provides a big range of ware homes storage products, and their range is from ships maintenance variety to the packages of battery products.

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