New Kits Allow Marijuana To Be Grown Without Using Much Water


Now that pot is no longer prohibited, it seems that there are a number of strains that have come to use and they are not going to get you high. It is hoped that this is going to leas to techniques in gardening that is going to make a big difference when it comes to water conservation.

The founder of Medi-Cone, George Bianchini has planned an event next week whereby there will be a number of visitors who will be allowed to look around the medical cannabis gardens that he has created and will be allowed to view the “Wicked Wicking System,” that ensures that there is not a lot of water wasted.

He has run Medi-Cone for the past 6 years and his business entails the growth of medical marijuana that is made up into cones and sold. He was badly affected by the draught that has been all over California, but rather than go under, he arranged a water conserving garden and allows him to continue his business even when the water is scarce.

It is hardly a new system that is being used as it is believed that it dates back as far as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and it being so successful, because he has made modern day alterations that make it easier to use.


When taking about the system he is using, Bianchini insists that he is able to do the job just as well as before but now he is using 75% of the water that other growers have to use.

As well as working on the products that he is growing the same system is used for growing vegetables and it is possible to arrange for an item to get the exact amount of water it needs to grow and it will not get a single drop more than needed.

As well as saving water, he is able to grow three crops outdoors a year and this is going to be something that other outdoor growers are going to take a big interest in.

As well as doing so well from the product that is the main purpose of his business he is intending to expand and begin to help other growers have the same amount of success. To this end he is going to sell kits of the watering system as well as videos posted online showing how to build them.

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