New Fracking Wastewater Technology IS Ready To Go Global


Fracking techniques which were developed at a national lab for the purpose of wastewater treatment are ready to go global now. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) created the new technology for the treatment of wastewater and now the planning is being done to spread the technology to the rest of the world so that wastewater treatment can be done in other countries as well because the scarcity of water has become an issue everywhere and fracking can resolve this issue.

The name of the company which generated the technology from the lab is IX Power Clean Water and it is known for its design and manufacturing of portable and on-site machines for scrubbing and filtering the wastewater that is extracted from oil and gas wells.

Trillions of gallons of wastewater is produced every year and energy industry is taking measures to utilize that as well. It is a necessary measure to cover the shortage of water because the problem is expected to take a more severe shape in the future which would save the water of which huge consumption is already being done by the energy industry. Most of the generation of the contaminated water is found to be in California, Oklahoma, New Mexico and the Middle East. Large amount is being spent for the fulfillment of this need by the fracking industry which is expected to increase with a big percentage.

Last year figures showed that amount of around $138 million has been spent on the treatment of wastewater which is expected to reach about $357 million in 2020.


IX Power Clean Water is focusing to complete the orders from Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Bolivia, and Kazakhstan. The objective of the company is to use the new technology which almost took 7 years to get developed and implement this new concept.

Wastewater treatment through this technique is done to remove contaminants like benzene. Aluminum, copper and iron which is 99 percent successful in doing so but the water is still not suitable for drinking but the objective of the treatment is make it available for irrigation purpose.

Tech companies have a current focus on the creation of an association with the energy companies and make them believe about the technology that it really is producing successful results.

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