New Forms Of Antibiotics Are Developed By Chlorination In The Wastewater


Wastewater treatment has been done through many in order to keep the human health and the environment safe from the effects which are caused due to the presence of drugs and chemicals in the wastewater.

Researchers have found that the treatment of the wastewater through chlorination process gives birth to the superbugs. It has been seen that the disinfection treatment are converting those drugs which are there in the wastewater into new compounds. The reason behind it is being searched for many years that how these drugs are formed into the other new chemicals during the wastewater treatment process and how much effective these drugs are for the environment and the health of human and now it has been discovered that every kind of antibiotic which is well known by the researchers are being found in the wastewater after its treatment.

In actual, the issue in the treatment of wastewater is that the antibiotics are not broken down into smaller parts and then these antibiotics get into the streams and bacteria which is there, becomes more severe and effective and ultimately development of superbug bacteria take place.

The current focus of the researchers is the study of doxycycline. Doxycycline is one of those antibiotics which are mostly being used and found in the wastewater as well and the chlorination process is creating effects on this antibiotic as this doxycycline is transforming into new kind of antibiotics by the use of chlorine in the wastewater treatment.


Olya Keen, the head researcher on the project told that the wastewater treatment process is made to break down the biological substances but antibiotics are not able to be broken down through these processes which have been tested in the lab. The results of the tests showed that the chlorine being used to destroy the antibiotics in the wastewater is not successful in doing so and besides that, it has rather become a source of creation of stronger antibiotics.

Scientists had discovered that the antibiotics are creating severe effects in the wastewater which are harmful for both human and aquatic life in the water. Antibiotic – resistant bacteria are formed due to the interaction of antibiotics with the wastewater. To avoid this situation of development of new antibiotic, better ways of treatment have to be discovered. New and better treatment processes for wastewater treatment are necessary which could make the breaking down of these antibiotics possible conveniently so that the growth of new antibiotics can be stopped and the removal of these antibiotics is done from the wastewater.

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