New Energy Policy Of Scotland For Future Legislation


On May, 6th the Professor of the University of Strathclyde Jim McDonald had opened an event which was based on the energy policy and the legislations of the coming future. The event was followed by many other speakers like Mr. Ian, who is the chairman of the Wood Group, Infinis and the CEP Chairman.

According to the Director of the CEP, Mr. Karen Turner, The Centre will focus on broadening the discussion which is based on the energy policy and its future in the country like Scotland. The discussion will not only emphasis on the renewable and the electricity, but will also broaden the discussion about the long-term issues of the heating and the transport.

They expressed a view that the Centre will be effective, if it is taken as an approach of the Strathclyde for the exchange of the knowledge and research. The staff members of the Centre will keenly researched through the expertise of the University which have experience in planning about the energy-related issues. Such discussions will include all the expertise of the faculties which belong to the Engineering, Science, Business School, Social Sciences and Humanities. With the collaboration of these faculty members which have expertise in their related subject, the Centre could get the powerful debate which is a challenging step to resolve the issues which raised against the energy policy in the Scotland. The new Centre will target the policy of the energy which has formally introduced at the University of the Strathclyde in the (TICTechnology and Innovation Centre.

CEP (The Centre for Energy Policy) was created with the purpose of “challenging and decision-making and informing policy analysis” in the Scotland or the world wide.


It is to be believed that the CEP will be connected with the expertise who are available at the Scotland university for the development and designing of the energy policy.

The strategies for cost-effective and more efficient energy couldn’t be greater by the global landscape which change quickly due to technological and economic shifts. Additionally, it also an advanced approach towards the implication and the understanding the changing climate in the country like Scotland.

The University of Strathclyde and its CEP will help to protect and maintain the supply of the energy in the country. It would also a thoughtful commitment way to maintain the commitments which are made by the international companies to shorten the usage of the carbon in long, short and medium terms.

With the formation of the New Centre, which is based on the saving of the energy policies in the country, the United Kingdom (EPSRC) could effectively analyze the benefits of the economic for the savings of the energy and its efficiency across the industries and the household.

As the Chairman of the CEP claimed that the production of the energy also determines, its impact on the environment, the price, availability and the welfare of the economics all are dependent on the energy policy. The companies need to set a powerful objectives to accomplish their goals.

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