New Drugs Laws for the NFL


 It is likely that the new drugs policy that is to be adopted by the NFLPA will see that there are players who have already been suspended this season could see their bans lifted. As it is likely to be this Friday players such as Dion Jordan and Wes Welker would be able to get back into their clubs side and play in the next games as long as their coaches considered they were fit enough to resume competitive matches.

There are a number of items connected to the new policy and they have been outlined by

When an accusation is made there will be an independent arbitrator and they will be able to listen to appeals that are put forward and it will cover PED policy as well as that covering substance abuse.

Marijuana will have to be showing a much higher reading as it will no longer be 15 ng/ml but 35ng/ml. This is still much stricter than the reading accepted by the Olympic committee for their events.


Retroactivity will be applied to any player that has tested positive and has faced some form of disciplinary action with March 11 2014 being the date the new rules will be considered from

DUI will now mean that there is a 2 game suspension and while the initial request from the NFL was just a ban of one game, this suggestion is no longer part of the proposal.

The substance abuse policy will be used in all cases when Amphetamines have been taken without a Therapeutic Use Exemption and this applies to the close season as well.

This season will see tests for HGH taking place. Blood samples are no longer to be taken on match days.

If there has been any incident of breached confidentiality then there will be Independent investigators brought in to carry out a review.

These changes have been sent to the public via Twitter and thanks to a number of tweets sent by the NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah on Friday. He said that if there was to be a vote on the proposals by the NFLPA player reps, the NFLPA negotiators would be authorized to agree the policy changes that had been put forward. The added that the next stage would be to conclude the policy draft and as long as the sheet has the players vote, the NFL and NFLPA reps can finalize as soon as possible.

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