New Collaboration In The Water Industry Are Expected Due To The Increase in Population


Due to increase in the population, the supply of water may face some stress as the demand increases with the rise in population. To overcome such issue, authorities of Colorado State have made a strategy of the creation of partnerships so that the water may be made available to the public.

In Northern Colorado and Fort Collins, growth depends on the accessibility of water. And these are the circumstances from decades in the city, where businesses, houses, parks and schools are the main things by which growth management areas are filled. Less surety is where there is a requirement for more water to serve that growth would be coming from and the way of managing it.

The encouragement from the general manager of the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, Mike DiTullio has been shown for the collaboration of the forces by water providers in the area. Now consideration is given to the single source that would provide water instead of 5 different entities who provide this facility to the residents in Fort Collins growth management areas. Major providers of the area would be the part of the single authority which is being planned.

For such, collaboration, a model should be prepared and an important point in making that partnership is to manage the differences that occur among the water providers. A method would have to be prepared so that in the areas of requirement, water is provided and the ownership is not jeopardized.


The most significant water services are Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, Fort Collins Utilities and East Larimer County Water District. These are the major service providers in the area but the probability of uniting the forces is perhaps a ways off.

The authority has not been directed to explore by the majority of council to the staff of the Fort Collins Utilities. Rather than that, staff has been given directions for uniting with the districts where possible. With the growth in the population, the strains are on the supply of water and ultimately, it has to be borne by residents who are the consumers and for their house pricing, a key roles is being played by the costs of water.

Rising prices of water in areas of Fort Collins might soon sweep away the last hope of mounting of the home prices in the city. The cost incurred by the utilities for the delivery of water in the northern region of the growth management area of the city is highly increasing and it is said to be unable to be recovered. By this, many persons engaged in building home have stopped their projects or move to other communities.

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