Get Various Benefits Of Login Access To The MyPay Account


USA is being defended by some individuals and those individuals are being served by the Defense and Accounting Service. The main objective of DFAS is that the fiscal accountabilities have to be performed in a way that these funds collected by DFAS are ensured to be accounted correctly. The function of DFAS is to bring improvements in the workings of the defense so that they become stronger and output is expected to be better.

Here, you can register yourself by creating an account and get the benefit of applying for your retirement plan. You can operate your account with any difficulty and also there is the possibility of applying for the other benefits like disability entitlements.

How can you make your Account?

  • Open the site that will open for you the official web link of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.
  • Account holders may login to their accounts while others who need to make an account have to place to apply for a password temporarily. It can be requested by clicking on the “Forgot or Need a password”?
  • After clicking there, enter the security number and then select the “Yes” button that can be seen at the bottom of your screen.
  • The next step is to choose the tab “mail to my address of record with Military Retired”. After selecting that click the button “Send me a Password”. This will make the temporary password for you.
  • Now get back to the main page of myPay again and click on “Create an Account” so that you can head forward to make register your password as permanent which can be done through the temporary password.
  • Type your social security number and the temporary password in the required fields. Below that you may find the “Accept” button. Click on that.
  • You also have to respond to eight security questions which can make your account secured and if you do not remember the password, you can recover your account conveniently. Click on “Submit Questions”.
  • Then write the answers of the questions and take the cursor to “Submit Answers” button to click on it.
  • After that click on “Main” button and operate your account.

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