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Holt McDougal is an American book publishing company, and they have provided online tools to access educational and informative sources. They are allowing their customer to access them and get online account here to bond with them for good resources of information. They are also publishing books of different topics and allowing their customer to buy them online or from their book shops.

How to Register?

  • Go to this link to get start your new account.
  • On the page, enter username and password in the respective boxes, to get login by pressing the button “Login”.
  • You can only access your account when you have created online account by registration process.
  • Click on the button “Register” and get the new page, where first choose your type of account by drop down menu and click on the button “Register”.
  • As if you are student then add your key code, first name, middle initial, last name and email address.
  • On the page , enter username and password to get login details.
  • Check the other options and press the button “Continue”.
  • Complete the registration process to get the proper access.

Now after completing your account registration you can find all resources and your subscribed books here.

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