Log In At Alberta Health Services To Manage Your Account


The Alberta health services which offers best health services to their customers in US. These services are provided by government of United States. Alberta health department contains more over 11, 7000 workers along with quick 24 hours customer support services. These health facilities are only for residents of United States. It is providing top class medical facilities to its patients which are reliable and long term.

What are the requirements to login to manage your account?

  • You need to have a personal computer with internet access
  • Keep your login details in hand

What is the procedure to login in to manage your account?

  • Click on official website link in order to access it’s all services at my.calgaryhealthregion.ca
  • At the moment you access the website, you will get a log in web page which requires some details in order to sign in to application.
  • You can only access this portion if you are a registered member and you are having your User ID and password.
  • You need to enter User name in given first field, this user name is an authorized identity which vary from person to person because this is assigned by company to every employee.
  • In next field you need to provide password, which is case sensitive so be attentive while entering your password in mentioned field.
  • Click on the button which is marked as “Log in” in order to access to your account.



Above stated services are only for staff members of company, A particular user ID and password is assigned to every staff member in order to access their own account. Only registered members are allowed to access their account under secure log in system in order to access their website account online.

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