More Spending On Technology Is Needed For The Wastewater Treatment


Researcher have identified that the quantity of contaminants has been increasing in the wastewater with the passage of time. One of the well-known researchers who has spent much time in exploring the issue is Viviane Yargeau. According to her the contaminants that are found present in the wastewater are not harmful for the health of the people drinking it.

Despite of acknowledging that she uses tap to have an access of water for the purpose of drinking, she proposed that still the technology must be improved in the for the management and treatment of wastewater so that the contaminants like cocaine and pharmaceuticals must be removed from the wastewater and health of the people is ensured to be safe.

Actually, the technology is present but still to make things better and improved, the requirement is to make further investments in the enhancement of the technology being used for the wastewater treatment. More money is need to establish the better centers of wastewater treatment and workers are also required to be hired to run that new technology in a proper way.

Ontario wastewater is under treatment as well yet the contaminants are found in that. Kinds of the contaminants discovered to be present in large quantity are oxycodone and cocaine. The research was done on the Grand River and its surface water along with the wastewater of Ontario which came to know about the presence of toxic drugs there.


Although the flow of Grand River is in Kitchener but Yargeau is very much sure that the drugs which are found there are also present in the rivers which flow at the province of Don or Humber. She explained that there is not much information available regarding the strength of the effects which these toxic drugs can produce on the fish but this is sure that the fish are being affected by them. The studies have found that the behavior of the fish is changed due to the presence of the contaminants and even it would be difficult for them to survive after consuming such water filled with contaminants.

The issue becomes more serious because the drugs are not only harmful for the fish but also they enter the drinking water and are going to be a big reason of harm for the consumers.

Now the real problem arises when the reports tell that even the wastewater passes through a treatment process have the pharmaceuticals and personal care products. The reason behind this escape of PPCPs through the treatment processes is to be found out and spending of money is to be increased to develop better technology so that the treatment of wastewater is done in more efficient way.

It is necessary to get rid of such drugs as cocaine can have some severe effects on the health for example stoke and heart attack and even cause to death due to excess consumption.

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