Monitoring Of The Contamination Through The Latest Biosensor Device


Researchers of Denmark have invented the new device which can assist the water management in detecting the contamination in the water as it occurs.

This latest device is dependent on the process that is known as impedance flow cytometry. A report about this process came which had the explanation of its working.

Electrodes perform the duty of monitoring the liquid. These electrodes carry signals with multi frequency voltage. As the bacteria or the particles collide with the electrodes, the effect is on the impedance. Due to the uniqueness of the bacteria’s impedance change as compared to the other non-organic particles, the identification of the contamination in the water can be done by the sensor with a great piece of accuracy. Moreover, the system does not need high degree of maintenance which makes the process more feasible and manageable.

The application of the device is going to be the success commercially. The expectations for the technology to go into the market are in the upcoming year 2016. The use of the hand held device which can inspect the different locations, the integration of the sensor could also be done into the manifold interrelated unmanned water testing stations with a single waterway. An alarm would be raised if bacteria of harmful nature are detected by any of them and the network would track the contamination flow.


There are no complications involved in the technique and according to the data came from a company that affiliates with the researchers, SBT Aqua, there is a continuous inoculation of the sample of liquid in to the microfluidic channel along with the cohesive electrodes upon which the signals with the multiple frequency voltage is applied.

The application of the device has been guaranteed by one of the researchers, Erik Gustav Skand who is the CEO of SBT Aqua the tech company and he is very sure that the way measurement of the microbiological water quality are done by the product made for the pollution detection, the technology will surely be transformed into something that is of great significance and usefulness.

Contamination of the water is very important to be removed as the most parts of the country are facing the severity of the drought these days and to recycle the water to make it available for the drinking purpose is an integral objective of the water management authorities.

In such situation the importance of this new process can be realized. If it really is successful as the confidence is shown by the researchers, this can bring the technology into a great position.

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