The metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati’s wastage water reservoirs division provides 3000 miles of sewage lines and provides services to almost 200,000 people who are their customers and their channels that cover almost 1 million houses and businesses as well. When something happens wrong with the pipes the company takes the complain from the people.

When there is some kind of problem in the pipe lines, either they are flowing of there is some issue with the repairing of pipe, the staff becomes active immediately in order to solve the problem and to fulfill the level of satisfaction of the customer. Their services include maintenance, cleaning of lines, construction of damaged pipes and much more.

The in charge of the wastage water collection Mike told that their staff is quite efficient in keeping a best focus on the construction and maintenance of the lines. The robotic system of cameras is used for this purpose. A large number of data and information is collected by this mean that is later used during the cleaning task of the pipelines.

A Large amount of task which is done there is saved on the papers that are filled on the spot and all the information that is gathered through the camera and written form is saved in the computerized system. Many different types of tasks make it quite difficult to train their workers to deal in a best way with the examining and assessments and the information that is in written form, mostly lack the main key points or the data provided may be inaccurate.


The contractors and the employees are having different levels of dealing with the situations and the constant and quick service is not mostly easy to be given by the management.

According to the manager they wanted to collect the data is best automatic way and started to search best software for this purpose that can increase the supply of services for the customers and also wanted a mobile application as a replacement of the written papers.


As a part of newly introduced solution he decided to use iPhone and iPads for the staff to exchange them from the old laptops and the written paper form. This new system improved the method of data collection in this system and there was no other better solution for them than the modern usage of technology.

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