Methadone Is Creating Risk For The Human In Drinking Water


A research has been done related to environment and the group of the persons who did the research was from the state of Arizona. They belong to the University of Toronto and University of Colorado at Boulder. The study has discovered that the methadone has been reacting with chloramination and creates huge amount of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) which is poisonous for the human. It has been entering the water which is used for the drinking purpose.

Concentration of methadone was discovered to be 23 mg/L and the creation of NDMA formation potential (FP) of almost 1 percent to 10 percent was as a result of methadone reactions in the surface water. Sixty two percent of the NDMA FP was detected in the wastewater.

From the study, it can be concluded that the pharmaceuticals are involved in the formation of the poisonous compounds in the drinking water and at the top of the pharmaceuticals, is the methadone that has been found in such creations. One of the leading students of PhD, David Hanigan who explained that we are adding these pharmaceuticals on our wastewater and there is no design made for their removal that is why health of the human and the ecosystem are getting destroyed.

The damages which have been done by these pharmaceuticals include the feminization problem in the fish. This problem is harming the health of our ecosystem which has been pointed out by Hanigan. He further told that the industry of water knows that NDMA is being formed in our water and to fight against that, processes have been made as well which are hopefully going to work correctly for them.


Hanigan told about the treatment plants and their working that the formation of NDMA will be mitigated or eradicated by the pre – oxidation with chlorine dioxide or ozone and adjustments in the disinfectants, the primary or secondary that allows chlorine to be released from chloramines. But he also mentioned that it has been noticed that these may become the cause of formation of more byproducts which would be destructive for the human health.

So it is recommended for these treatment plants is that activated carbon should be used prior to disinfection. Although this can cost very high to most of the treatment plants but the removal of organic matter is only possible though that.

According to Hanigan, the use of pharmaceutical drugs by us is the reason that it is being found in waste up to a great extent and it involves low amount of risk therefore there must be found a way that could eliminate methadone from water rather than its removal from the toolsets of physicians.

People say that to get protected from such contaminants, they have switched their water consumtion to bottled water but they have to realize that all the pharmaceuticals including. Methadone. Synthetic estrogen and sucralose, it is we who have been involved in the formation of this pollutant condition and filling out wastewater with the pharmaceuticals and all the toxic chemicals therefore we should try to find ways to solve the problem.

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