Merging of the Water Districts has been ordered


Issue related to clean drinking water is prevailing in the California state due to which consumers are facing the non-availability of clean water for drinking purpose. Districts are responsible for that which are unable to provide such basic need to the general public. Keeping in view such situation, merger strategy has been forced to implement according to which Water Resources Control Board has been given authorization for the orders of merging the districts which are unable to fulfill the responsibility of supplying clean water for drinking, with the other districts. Governor Jerry Brown has authorized an amount of budget for this purpose and signed the provision.

This decision would be helpful for the small water providers. Drought has created certain problems for them and due to that the wells of many small central valley water utilities have dried or the water the most of the wells has not remained clean. There are also some small water providers which are present in the valley but are unable to provide the service because they do not have enough resources, even few of them have one well for this purpose which can explain the current situation of the water providers and need of such decision very well.

Opposed by Association of California Water Agencies

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) is opposed to these orders and there were around 150 letters which had been sent to the authorities from the members of ACWA in which they showed their disagreement with the provision. Executive Director of Association of California Water Agencies Tim Quinn said that the approach is not good enough to provide a solution. He further said that for the betterment of the system, we can have a meeting with all the members of the legislature in which different ideas can be proposed so that we can solve the problem of drinking water for the communities which are deprived of this facility by sitting together on one platform.


Michael Cohen, Budget Director of the Governor, Jerry Brown explained that it is necessary to support the small water providers which lack the resources and by supporting them, it will be an opportunity for them to come on track. State did not want to take such kind of decision. They have been forced to do the things which they should not do due to the drought situation which is getting severe and therefore, these small water districts have been given chance to work with the bigger districts to lessen the dryness and contamination problem which they are facing in their wells.

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