Medford Authorities Finding A Cheap Method For The Wastewater Treatment


Small utilities which cannot afford to invest on the wastewater treatment methods because of their high costs, have an expensive solution in the shape of trees.

Earlier, few years back, Medford and other cities of Oregon had issue when they had to treat the sewage that was harming the fish. In Rogue River, the warm water was being released by the wastewater treatment plan of the city. It was not so harmful to make the fish died but in the river of Rogue, Salmon needed cold water to survive and it was the part of the duties of Environmental Protection Agency that they must ensure that it has reached them.

Apart from salmon, there are some other kinds of fishes as well which need cold water to stay which include, trout, steelhead which is why it is necessary to temperature is to be maintained for them so that they may be protected. Temperature standard is the requirement for the protection of several stages of life through which fish in the cold water passes for example rearing, spawning and migration.

Now Medford had planned that the city is not going to invest millions of dollars on the machinery which is very costly rather they are looking for a simpler and less expensive way to keep the water cool according to the federal standards. It is a good and cheap way to cool the river water through the shades of the trees. Another objective of the authorities is to provide vegetation for around ten to fifteen miles along the river.


The trading of water quality credit is getting popular in the state of Oregon. This is the latest technique of offsetting the discharging of warm water through the use of credits.

People favoring the new method are showing their support by discussing the advantages of the use of trees which are not confined to the making of water cool but also trees have the other functions like sucking the carbon up and provision of habitationand most importantly the project is going to save a lot of money.

Joe Whitworth who is the president at Freshwater Trust was the part of the organizers’ team of this plan. He explained the idea behind it was that the enhancement of the whole watershed was to be done by arranging something in a changed way

Opponents have their own arguments against it. The Executive Director at Northwest Environmental Advocates, Nina Bell said that it is going to harm the fish. Although the responsibility of the wastewater plant is taken by them but we are not going to get the benefits regarding the quality of water which are really required by us.

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